Saturday, 29 October 2016

Are You Faking it?....

Is it just me or has Primark up their game in the beauty department?!

When i was at Primark , you know doing the monthly (sometimes weekly) buy everything new you see thing, I stumbled across a large selection of false nails. I have to admit I don't usually go near the beauty part of Primark but, sneakily the into Metro Centre branch has had a rejig, making me walk right past the beauty section buying things as i go. Thanks for that Primark.

I have tried a few items from  Primark's beauty range but I have always been less than impress with the products but because its so cheap its worth a try. This time my attention was drawn in to the false nails, no lie there must have been 20-30 different types, my eyes didn't know where to look first. After picking up and checking out about 10 pair i settled on two pairs. One a deep plum colour with pointed shape tip for £1 and the other a pointed shape shiny black nail with a holographic design for £3. (as below)

Primark False Nail Sets

I thought DIY false nails where a thing of the past until recently. A girl I work with came in with a set on and they looked amazing. She's a biter so her nails are usually really short but when she's going out out, to hide her "awful nails" (her words not mine), she whacks on a set. I haven't actually wore false nails in years but she gave me nail envy so I thought I would try them out. Obviously I can only wear one set a time without looking like a complete mad person so i opted for set one, the deep plum (poison) colour, I thought it was fitting with Halloween just around the corner. 

The set came with 24 nails and a bottle of glue. First off I sorted out the false nails to fit my real nails, once I was happy I cut the glue open, managing to get it on three of my fingers sticking two together. Why am i so hopeless? Anyway once I had managed to get my fingers apart I started sticking the nails on. Now i'm no pro but I put the glue on my natural nail and slide the nails on into the right position and applying a little pressure until it drys. Who knows if that's the right way but its seems to work just fine. I repeated the process another 9 times until hey presto I was finishes.


Hmmm yeah, they look witchy don't they?! I have long skinny fingers and well these only make my fingers look even longer.
Ok, let starts with the positives:
1. I love the nail colour, for some reason in the photos they look brown but they were a plum colour.
2. The nails fit my natural nails pretty well.
3. They are strong and durable, so strong in fact it took me ages to remove them.

The negatives:
1. They were far to long for my liking, I felt almost cat claw like, I literally couldn't do anything with then on. Texting was a mission in its self and opening packets or picking thing up was impossible. I suppose this isn't really a negative more like a personal preference really.
2. The nail tips where pretty sharp, I felt like I was going to draw blood when I had an itch.
3. Filing/cutting the nails down even just to remove the sharpness was a no go. Filing removed the colour from the tips making them look chipped.

Overall the nails were strong and durable but just far to long for me to operate in day to day life.
These nails would have been perfect for a vampire or witch halloween costume. I would give these nails a 6/10. I haven't yet tried out the other false nails as of yet hopefully they are a little better, once I do I will link it below.

Whats your thoughts on DIY false nails? Are they a thing of the past?
Whats your tips on applying false nails?


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Home-Made Sugar Foot Scrub

With summer in full swing and holidays in warmer climate fast approaching its time to get your feet beach/pool ready. There is nothing worse than having dry, hard or cracked heals when trying to rock you favourite sandals.
Here is a really simple but super effective DIY home made foot scrub for you to try out.
I absolutely love it and highly recommend you give it a go.

What you need:
Well its really simple you need two ingredients Caster sugar and Baby oil.
You can replace the baby oil with coconut, almond or even olive oil. I adore the smell of baby oil so that's what i have opted for.

For a hand size amount of scrub you will need approximately 2 heaped table spoons of caster sugar and 1 table spoon of baby oil.
The measurement can be altered to increase or decrease the amount you need but as long as the oil to caster sugar ratio are the same.

All you need to do is add both ingredients in to a bowl and mix it together with a spoon.

How to use:
Apply the foot scrub ,with your fingers ,to wet skin . Use a bit of elbow grease to scrub your feet in circular motion paying extra attention to your dry cracked heels (I usually apply mine in the shower,bath or after using my foot spa)

For best results use moisturising socks in bed the same night. If you don't have any, lather your feet in foot or moisturising cream and pop your feet in to a regular pair of cotton socks.
Allow the heat and the cream to work together over night. Your feet will feel ultra baby soft the next morning. This is also a fantastic way to kick start your pedicure.

Hope you enjoy it, why not give the editable lip scrub ago?

Monday, 15 July 2013

Home-made edible lip scrub

Against most common beliefs lip balm/butter isn't the most effective way to combat your dry chapped lips. Exfoliating is the 1st stage. Exfoliating your lips 2-3 times a week will help remove all the dead, dry skin leaving your lips feeling instantly softer and smoother.
Removing your flaky,dry, dead skin will allow your lip balm/butter to really do its thing and moisturise your lips to super kissable effects.

If your like me and suffer from chapped lips, you can use this recipe to make you very own lip scrub.
The best part is that you use ingredients you have in your home which is all natural, you certainly will be giving Lush a run for their money.

What you need:
  • 1 Tablespoon of caster sugar
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of olive oil
  • Dribble of honey
  • Flavouring (optional)
  • Colouring (optional)

  1. Put the caster sugar and oil in a small mixing bowl and mix together. The textured mixture will turn slightly yellow in colour. If you find that the mixture is liquidy add more sugar to balance it out.
  2. Add the honey you only need a little bit just to stick the mixture together.
  3. Add in a few drops of flouring (Optional). This step is completely optional however i find that using pepper mint extract works really well. You don't want to add in to much as you want the flavour to be subtle and not overpowering.
  4. Add in a few drops of colouring (Optional). Again this step is completely optional. a bit of food colouring can make your scrub look pretty. I would suggest using a hint of pink or red colouring as it can stain your lips a little bit giving them a hint of colour.
  5. You can store you lip scrub in to a container which will last up to two weeks.

How to use:
Apply a small amount on to your finger tip and gently rub on to your lip. Once your happy lick your lips to remove the excess scrub. Yes you read it right all the ingredients are edible.
Apply a generous amount of lip butter/ balm to your lips.

This is quick, easy and really cost effective at around 10p or less per small container.
Keep an eye out from my DIY homemade body,face and foot scrubs.

Do you have chapped lips? What works best for you?


Monday, 10 June 2013

Relax , Change, Create

After my boyfriend has recently changed jobs we have completely changed our sleeping pattern and our body clocks are going wild.

We have changed our working week from mixed shift Monday - Friday anywhere from 8am to 6:30pm ,which was a nightmare for getting yourself in a healthy routine, to working 6am-3:30pm meaning we have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. Yep we have been pretty tired grumpy people to say the least . Well at least i have been i am not a morning person.
The first few week we where having coffee fuelled morning which resulted in later nights and then coffee fuelled mornings again and late nights , you see where i am going with this a constant monotonous circle.

We have both been trying to find ways to get to sleep early so we are fresh in the mornings.
We have tried a number of things but the one thing that we found works best for us is self help apps. Andrew Johnson's self help apps to be precise.

He has a massive range of all kind of app to cater for your needs from deep sleep and relaxation to weight loss and quit smoking, he has over 30 different kind of self help apps.

We have purchases about 4 which we alternate from time to time, the apps where £1.99 each which i think is a good price for peace of mind.
We have:
  • Relax with Andrew Johnson
  • Success's with Andrew Johnson
  • Deep sleep with Andrew Johnson
  • Positivity with Andrew Johnson
The apps have a number of setting ,under the prepare section, you can choose from:-
  • You can choose to have a short or long introduction
  • How many times the main section is played
  • At the end of the programme if you want to be awake, asleep or have a delayed wake. As you can see mine is selected sleep.
  • The length of the programme.
Andrew has a soothing Scottish voice which instantly puts you at ease and in a state of pure relaxation.
The apps are really well put together with gentle music playing in the back ground, its almost spa like.
Don't believe me check them out for yourself he has a free app for you to try out.

Check Andrews apps out on the app store for Ipad/Iphone/Ipods, on the android market or on the website

Its a great to listen to on your way to work on the bus or on your break or like us at night in bed.

Do you have problems sleeping? What works best for you?

Much Love,

Sunday, 9 June 2013

MUA Mania

After recently trying out some of the MUA nail varnish's and been pretty impressed i wanted to try more of their range.  On my recent visit to Superdrug i raided the shelves - For a mere £17 look what i was able to get my hands on... Man i love 3 for 2.

Yep, you counted right, i got 7 items of make up for £17 when does that ever happen?

Are your ready for a long blog?...Here goes

1. MUA pro gel eye liner £3.
Wow! New found love alert. 
I have had the Maybelline Eyestudio gel eyeliner in the past which i paid around £7-8 for at the time however the MUA gel liner is half the price and just as good if not better.
The eye liner comes in a range of four colours blue, brown, grey and black, i opted for the black which is called underground.
The gel liner was really easy to apply with the handy little brush supplied which also forms part of the top/lid.
The brush is quite ridged which allowed me to get a smooth sharp fine line.
I applied a very small amount of the gel on to the tip of the brush and with one smooth swooping motion i was able to get it right next to my eye lash line.
The application lasted around 12 hours +.
Great quality for a small price.

2. MUA Intense kisses £2
I think this lip gloss looks so professional , Its high-intensity gloss shimmers while on your lips making them look irresistibly kissable.
MUA intense kisses comes in a wide range of bold colours, i opted for kiss and tell but all the colours are fab for a blond haired girl like me.
The gloss is quite thick which applies evenly with easy, usually with thick lip glosses I find they can be really sticky but this one is sticky free. The only down side really is it doesn't last that long but i am a bit of a chatter box so that maybe that's why.
I will be buying more colours in the near future at that price it will be hard not to.


3. MUA Lip Boom £3
Alexandra Burke teamed up with MUA to create 6 amazing 4 in 1 lipstick/gloss range.
The lip boom consists of a matte lip stick and a shimmer gloss/highlighter which enable you to transform you lips in 4 different ways.
  • Lipstick alone for a matte look
  • Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion.
  • Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super glossy look.
  • Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl / glittery finish.
The colour i bough is called O.M.G which is like a orangy/coral colour, perfect for the summer month. Since getting this cheeky combo i have wore it every day as it suits my pale skin really well.  
The lip stick/gloss is really soft and creamy making it easy to apply and leaves you lips hydrated, not like most lipstick where it drys your lips out. Once applied you can smell a vanilla ice cent which makes it hard not to lick your lips.

4. MUA Mega volume mascara £3
I am not the best at applying fake eyelashes so have to rely on my own natural blond lashes to stand out. Due the that i have become a bit of a collector of mascaras, i love to try out any new one on the market that can give me that fake effect.For my eyelashes i find that a big brush works best to give me the ultimate curly camel lashes. I alway find it disappointing when i open a new mascara to find a small stumpy brush but thankfully mega volume has a bushy thick brush.
When applying i found that the bristly brush was great to parting my lashes making my eye lashes look thick and full.
I always use a curler before applying mascara and MUAs mascara did really do the test of time and was able to keep my lashes curly practically all day. Which is great for me as am a bit of a picker.
The paired with the gel eye liner look just fake lashes - Thank you MUA.

5. MUA undress you skin, skin primer £5
With me having dry patchy skin and a wrinkly for head i using a primer before applying my base foundation.  As of yet i haven't found one that i really think WOW that amazing but my be my expectations are too high.
The last one i bough was Benefits porefessional and at £24.50 for 22ml it ain't cheap. Unfortunately i wasn't sold on on it , don't get me wrong it was nice but did not that wow factor i am after. So when i saw MUA primer at £5 i though it was worth a go but wasn't expectation miracles due to the price.
The MUA primer is a clear like substance in a glass bottle with a pump top. The handy pump top allows you to control the amount you use. I found that two pumps of the primer covered my full face.  I was pleasantly surprised when using it as it soaked in to my skin quickly leaving it velvety soft and noticeably smoother. I feel like it tackled large pores and wrinkles really well and like a said leaving skin noticeably smoother. Wow i have just realised i actually really like this product. The fab thing is you can wear it alone or under foundation to help with that flawless complexion.
MUA have created a few primers that i will defiantly be trying , keep your eyes peeled for future blogs.


 6. MUA Radiant under eye concealer £3
Another product from MUA undress your skin range is the under eye concealer.
I suffer from dark circles under my eyes and at the moment trying out some good old natural remedies to reduce the appearance (see how i get on in up and coming blogs) but until i can see an improvement i am relying on eye concealers.
Believe me i have used a few i really like the YSL Touche Éclat but at £25 i cant always afford to spread that much on concealer, with this been £3 it defiantly affordable.
I twisted the bottom of the pen to release the concealer into the brush and gently apply under my eyes, then blended it by dabbing it with my finger. The concealer has a small shimmer in so when it catches the light it brightens up under your eye.
You can also use the concealer at the sides of your nose and the corner of your mouth to brighten shadows and help lift signs of fatigue.

Its not at the same quality of YSL concealer but i never expected it to be. I think this under eye concealer is great to used for weekday use when at work and maybe keep the YSL for the weekend and special occasions.
7. MUA Nail constellation £3
MUA has brought its own take on the Ciates caviar nails.
Ciate version costs £18 which includes the pearl beads and the nail varnish.
MUAs are sold separately £3 for the beads and £1 for the nail varnish - a total of £4 making it £14 cheaper that Ciat version.
I really like this mani as its really quick and easy to do - The only down side is it doesn't last for that long so maybe its a one night/ day manicure.
Basically all you do it apply your nail varnish as usual, shake the beads over your chosen nail(s) and press in with your finger tip to secure the beads.
Scoop all the excess bead and put them back in to the bottle using the handy applicator which tuns in to a funnel. Genius.
Have you tried any of MUA's range?...What do you think?
Much Love,


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Miracle really do happen

OH MY GOD!!....Why haven't i found this product sooner.
While getting my food shopping in at Asda i just so happened to walk down the cosmetic aisle,  oh no how did that happen!
I often spend around half an hour looking down this aisle which my boyfriend hates but i just cant help myself.  Anyway... I got my eyes on the skin rang, i have a thing for creams and beauty potions, that is where i discovered Nspa hot cloth polish my new fav product.
Nspa range comes from the experts at Nirvana Spa one of the UKs top day spa's.
I suffer from dry skin which is a complete pain especially when applying make up so i am always on the hunt for that miracle product to illuminate it. After about 5 year of looking i think i have found it.
The product is enriched with vitamin E, creamy coca butter and almond oil which dissolves the days make up joined and impurities with the help of the muslin cloth.
On a daily basis I massage 1-2 pumps of the thick solution on to my hands and work on my dry face in a small circular motion. Rinse the cloth in hot water, ring it out and gently wipe away the days grime.
immediately after use my skin feels amazing its soft, smooth, clean and moisturised.
I really cant rave on about this product enough and at £7 is a bargain.
Do you have dry sensitive skin and found an product that works for you?
Much love,

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Primark Neon Nails

After a recent Primark haul i added these in to my basket on the way to the check out... Damn you catchy alluring queue products. 
I haven't tried any primark cosmetic or nail products before and due to the low prices i thought it worth a whirl.
With neon been every where you look at the moment i opted for the neon selection.
In the box you get four 6ml nail varnishes, they don't have names so i have labelled them by colour below, for £2 so that 50p each.. Bargain.
Obviously due to the price i didn't expect a great deal of quality.
When i opened the bottle it didn't smell like usual nail varnish smell , if that make sense, it smelt plasticy and was quite over powering.
I applied two to three layers of nail varnish on to my nails - the neon pink and orange seem to dry pretty quickly however bizarrely the neon yellow and green seems to take much much longer to dry.
Once dried the neon orange was pretty shiny but the rest where quite dull but one applied a top coat looked great but not for long.
Unfortunately they chipped within 24 hours of applying, so they are more of a one day/night mani.
Yeah 50p a bottle is cheap but i don't think i will be buying any more in the future, Sorry Primark i think you should just stick to what you know.
Oh my ... Nail varnish snob alert!!
Have you tried any primark cosmetics, what are they like?
Much Love,

Friday, 24 May 2013

Beauty Binge #6

The final two items in my beauty binge are from the budget brand MUA.
Beauty bloggers all over the country have a gone a bit wild with MUA products so i though i would give them a ago.
As you may already know by now i am a bit of a nail varnish freak so yes this blog is about another nail varnish and effect product.
I opted for natural day nail varnish and matching Fur- effect nails fluffy puff.
The nail varnish cost me £1 and the fluffy puff was £3.
I have read up on these nail varnishes and there has been quite a bit of controversy as the MUA bottle look like another well known and liked brand, Essie.
Yes what MUA may have done is a little naughty but i am sure the quality is completely different  - Well £6 per bottle different.
Due to the price of the MUA products i wasn't expecting great quality, like my mam always says you get what you pay for - So i was putting that theory to test.

Nail Varnish:  The nail varnish bottle in smaller than your average bottle at 6.2ml , with the bottle been little the brush is thin and small which can make applications a tad difficult.
After the first coat of nail varnish i wasn't greatly impresses, I could see the brush strokes which made it really patchy in places however it did dry very quickly and shiny.
The second coat was a little better however still patchy which is why i opted to go for another coat.
After the third coat dried it was patch, brush stroke free and smooth.
My nail lasted only 1 day chip free with out a top coats so would probably last 2-3 days with a top coat.
OK so its not completely amazing but it only a £1 and quite frankly well worth it.
If your a nail varnish freak (like me) or wanting to bulk up you nail varnish collection then this really is the way to do it.
Don't expect Essie quality as you will be disappointed.
Fluffy-Puff:  Yes that's the name of it i haven't just made that up... Anyway i like to get creative with my nails and this is the fureffect way to do it... Alright no more jokes.
For the fur - effect i applied yet another layer of nail varnish to my ring finger, while wet i used the sifter supplied to tap a layer of fluff on to my nail. I pressed the fluff in to my nail to make sure it really stuck in there.
Once the nail varnish dried it left my nail with a fuzzy velvet look and feel.
For a full on fur-effect manicure you could repeat the process on all nails.
This mani lasted around 1- 2 days with the nail been furry it did catch somethings in the fur.
For example i had some really cheesy Doritos's and if you have had them before you will know you get lots of orange flavouring on your finger tips. Well i also got that in my furry nails - Yep grouse.
Have you tried MUA nail varnish? - What do you think?
Much Love,

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wedding Confirmed

After booking our wedding at Thomson's a few weeks ago we have just received the email we have been waiting for, the confirmation. We now know the exact date and time we say "I do".
Eeeek i am so excited - its really happening!!
We have booked to get wed in a little white chapel which over looks the beach on the right and the marina on left in Protaras, Cyprus.
After all it is the home to Aphrodite the goddess of love so it just seems so perfect.
My future husband and i are not one for big flashy extravagant do's so we decided to keep it pretty low key where our closest friend and family will hopefully be attending to make it very intimate.
For the reception we have opted for private veranda at the hotel to have our wedding breakfast and the after party to dance the night away.
Of course we will be having a bash when we get back for the family and friends that where unable to make it and the ones that where .. Yay i get to wear my dress twice any excuse really!!

Right now to diet and tone up to find the dress of my dreams. - I am sure i will have lots of people to help me find the one.

Beauty Binge #5

This beauty tool is a must have in your make up bag.

I bought it after reading a fantastic review by one of my best friend Gem.
This little miracle worker has flat head brush which contains thousands of ultra small soft synthetic bristles, also known as taklon, to get in to all of those nucks, crannies and imperfection areas of your face.
I apply a pea amount size of liquid foundations to my and dab the brush in. I work in a circular motion around my face and dab in those hard to reach places like the creases of your nose.
This brush really does leave you with a high definition air brushed look.
I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.
You can grab one from Superdrug at £11.99
What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Beauty Binge #4

OK so we are on the fourth product in the binge bag and no surprises its another nails varnish.
I just cant help myself i think i may have a nail varnish addictions but.. doesn't everyone? 
This is not your standard nail varnish this is Barry M texture effects.. oh that sounded like a marks and Spencer's add. Anyway I usually go to great lengths buffing, polishing and undercoating my nails to ensure my varnish is smooth and evenly spread however with this nail varnish it would be a complete waste of time.
The nail varnish contains a gritty material like fine sand which when applied to your nails leaves a dull textured effect hence the name. The texture looks a bit like the retro chewing gum called golf balls, can you remember them?
You never know maybe that's where Mr Barry Mero got his inspiration... i doubt it!
With the nail varnish containing the grit its sort of like having very light sand paper on your nail, its quite an unusual feeling i must admit.
Barry M have brought out 4 spring/summer colours a pale pink, canary yellow, mint green and the one i purchased called Atlantic Road which is a pastel blue colour at £3.99 per bottle.
Maybe a one to wear this bank holiday weekend?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Beauty Binge #3

RRP 4.99

I am a sucker for eye catching nail varnish and the L'oreal top coat confetti certainly hits that criteria. This nail varnish has been massively popular resulting in it been sold out for several weeks but i was lucky able to pick the last one up in Superdrug.. Yay me!
The bottle contains matte black and white hexagon and circle flecks with a slight shimmer.
I painted two coats on top of the Barry M gelly pomegranate nail varnish which made it really pop.
Once the top coat had dried it had very little shine in fact it was quite dull so i would apply a clear top coat which handily also protected the flecks from chipping off.
The bottle is quite small compared to other brand, it only contains 5ml of varnish but i think its worth it as it creates a quirky speckled egg like nail art design with little effort.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Beauty Binge #2

As you know i went a little mad in Superdrug this weekend, but who can blame me it was 3 for 2 on all beauty products , you would have done the same right?
RRP £3.99

As a collector of all things nails i wanted to see if the Barry M Gelly nail varnish was up to the hype. I have read several blogs raving about this product and well i wanted my say too.
I am pleased to say i wasn't disappointed, the nail varnish was easy to apply with the thin brush which enabled me to get right to the edge of my nail. 
I applied two thin layers of the pomegranate colour to my nails which dried in an instant leaving my nails with a super high gloss shine. No top coat needed.
I have had a lot of UV Gel manicure which always boast a fantastic shine and this nail vanish looks just as good. The picture really doesn't do it justice.
I found the nail varnish has been pretty hard waring (so far), even after doing the dreaded house work choirs.
I would defiantly recommend it if you have a little spare cash, it is a cheaper than a UV gel manicure after all.

Beauty Binge #1

This weekend I have went on a bit of a beauty binge coming home with a bag full of goodies.
One of the products been the L'Oreal colour riche eye shadow pallet.
 I did have one before and totally loved it, but i had one of them slow motion moment where it dropped to the floor, where it smashes in to a 1000 pieces.
I got the pallet from my local Superdrug store for £7.99.
There was a selection of different coloured pallets to choose from,
I opted for the beige trench as i think the colours will complement my green/blue/grayish eyes. I am not one for really dark bold colours on my eyes as i feel like a drag act or crusty the clown.
In the pallet there are 4 quite neutral colours. (As seen on my hand)
1. To highlight the inner corner and/or the brow bone of your eye.
2. Sweep across the lid.
3. Intensify the outer corner.
4. Smoke out the base of your lashes.
The colours are creamy but with a shimmery glisten running through. The colours do go together well and end up leaving you with a shimmering smoke effect.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April's Glossy Box

For Aprils addition glossy box teamed up with fashion and textiles designer Pearl Lowe to come up with a cover for the spring themed box.
Pearl wrapped this months box in a vintage rose floral print which quite frankly I love!

Right here goes review time..
No 1.  Crabtree & Evelyn somerset meadow is the new hand cream brought out by Crabtree & Evelyn ltd. This month it is in glossy box as a tester at 25g size, the full size version is 100g at £14.
The cream locks in a heap of moisture straight after use which make your hands noticeably look and feel smoother, softer and smelling amazing.
The cream is infused with shea butter, macadamia nut oil and a fresh floral scent. which is probably why it smells so damn good.
Unfortunately for people who have a nut allergy it may be a no go area i am afraid.

Overall the cream did work well and dried without leaving my hands really sticky but the down side for me is the price at £14 for 100g it a bit on the steep side for hand cream on my monthly budget.

No 2. Next in the box is Essie nail varnish full size version 13.5ml called we're in it together. Normal price for this is £7.99.
I LOVE Essie nail varnish the thick soft brush make applications quick and easy. Once dried they are smooth to touch and pretty shiny too. The colour i received is a pale pink with a hint of blue/purple shimmer, a nice one for the summer.

Yes i will be making more Essie nail varnish purchases in the near very near future.

No 3.  Item number 3 is a 50ml tester pot of NIP + FAB Pistachio Sundae body butter for dry skin . The normal full size is 200ml and cost around £9 however its half price at the moment on their website.

The body butter is pretty thick meaning you don't require a great deal to apply it over a large surface.
The butter soaked in my skins really quickly leaving it very smooth, soft and hydrated with a quite nutty smell. I do like the product but i am not keen on the smell i think its quite sickly and i found it was quite over powering when i applied it all over my body.
I think if i got it again i would get the mango smoothie or the coconut latte as that's more up my street.


No 4.  Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Manic 1g at £13.
The pencil is suitable for use on lips, eyes, face and body.
The nib of the pencil is very soft which make application smooth.  
OK so its not the usual colour i would go for and yes its a bit out there but the quality is fantastic i will be buying a more suited colour.

No 5.  Finally a Yves Rocher - So Elixir tester bottle was in my box. A full size version costs £44.00 for 50ml.
I am not really sure what to think of this perfume its not what i  would normally go for and i haven't had a perfume from this brand before.
I do like the smell and it does seem to last quite a while which is always a bonus but i am not completely sold. There something i cant put my finger on.
until i figure it out