Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ombre Faded Nail Art Tutorial

As Ombre hair is in at the moment i thought why not take that look and put it on my nails.
I decided to give my ombre effect a glittery finish as i love a bit of sparkle, well which girl doesn't?
For this tutorial you will need:
- Base and top coat
- White nail varnish
- Two different shade of the same colour
- Cosmetic make up sponge
Revlon Base and Top coat, Models Own Dancing Queen, Barry M mint Green,
Gosh Ocean, Virgin Vie White

First off undercoat your nail with your base coat to protect your natural nail.
Once your base coat is dry apply 2-3 thin layers of white nail varnish to your nails.
I am using Virgin Vie White
Take lightest your colours and apply directly to your make up sponge.
I am using Barry M Mint Green
Some people find it easier to put a dollop of nail varnish on to a paper plate and dip the sponge.

lightly dab the sponge on to your nail.
I worked from the middle of my nail down.

Once the nail varnish has dried it time to apply your darker colour.
I am using Gosh ocean.
Paint the darker colour nail varnish on to another corner of the sponge.
Lightly dab the sponge on to the bottom tip of your nail.
You can stop at this stage if you like and apply your top coat but i want more of a shimmer so i am applying glitter.

Use a different corn of the sponge and paint on your glittery nail varnish.
I am using Models Own dancing queen
Dab the sponge on to the tip of your nail.
You may have to go over your nail a couple of times with the glitter varnish.

Once your nails are dry apply that important top coat to protect your design.

Ombre Faded Nails - there you have it :)

*Don't through away that sponge cut your old nail varnish off and use it again.

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