Saturday, 5 January 2013

Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

 Splish, Splash , Slosh...
.....its messy but someones got to do it :) 

Splatter nails is arty and can get very messy which is why i think i like it so much.
I have had so much fun with this nail art design it took me back to my primary school days.
A word of warning before starting removal all hand/wrist jewellery and please use paper under your hand to protect the surface.

For this tutorial you will need:
- Base and top coat nail varnish
- White nail varnish
- A Selection of 3 colours
-  Drinking Straw
- Paper
- Tape i.e Masking, scotch

Masking tape, Revlon top and base , Models Own Indian Ocean,
Barry M Strawberry Ice cream and vivid purple,
Virgin Vie White, Drinking Straw.

First of all undercoat your nails with your base coat nail varnish.
I am using Revlon 955.

Allow your base coat to fully dry then pain your nails with white nail varnish.
I recommend you apply 2-3 thin coats.
I am using Virgin Vie white.

*This part is optional but recommended*
Cut small pieces of masking tape and apply it to the skin around your nail.
Making sure you don't cover your nail.
I recommend you do this as it make the clean up a lot easier.
(The fun part!)
On your paper splodge a small amount of nail varnish.
Take the end of your drinking straw and dip it in.
Over the top of your nail blow fast and sharp down the opposite end of the drinking straw.


Repeat the above with all three colours.
Mix it up by trying the straw at a different height to see if you can create a different splatter.
You can see why now the masking tape and paper comes in handing.

Remove the masking take.
If you find the tap missed some places use a cotton ear bud soaked in nail varnished and rub over the area. 
Allow the nail varnish to dry and cover with your top coat. 

Repeat on all your nails.

*Don't have any tape?... you can cover the skin around your nail with Vaseline or chap stick


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