Sunday, 6 January 2013

31 Day Challenge...

While spending hour trawling the net to find the coolest of nail art designs i came across this challenge which i have been itching to do for some time.
The 31 day challenge is basically creating a new nail art design every day but making sure you capture the below.
 It seems a tough challenge but i feel like i can take it on.
Why not join me?
I will be making how to tutorials for you all to follow along - Keep you eyes peeled.
Wish me luck :D
The Challenge is as follows-

Day 1: Red Nails
Day 2: Orange Nails
Day 3: Yellow Nails
Day 4: Green Nails
Day 5: Blue Nails
Day 6: Purple Nails
Day 7: Black & White
Day 8: Metallic Nails
Day 9: Rainbow Nails
Day 10: Gradient Nails

Day 11: Polka Dots
Day 12: Stripes
Day 13: Animal Print
Day 14: Flowers
Day 15: Delicate Print
Day 16: Tribal Print
Day 17: Glitter
Day 18: Half Moon
Day 19: Galaxies
Day 20: Water Marbled
Day 21: Inspired by a Colour
Day 22: Inspired by a Song
Day 23: Inspired by a Movie
Day 24: Inspired by a Book
Day 25: Inspired by a Fashion
Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern
Day 27: Inspired by a Artwork
Day 28: Inspired by a Flag
Day 29: Inspired by a The supernatural
Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial
Day 31: Re- Create You Favourite Challenge

Have managed to conquer the 31 day challenge?
Yes! send me your link and i will added it to my page :)

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