Monday, 20 May 2013

Beauty Binge #3

RRP 4.99

I am a sucker for eye catching nail varnish and the L'oreal top coat confetti certainly hits that criteria. This nail varnish has been massively popular resulting in it been sold out for several weeks but i was lucky able to pick the last one up in Superdrug.. Yay me!
The bottle contains matte black and white hexagon and circle flecks with a slight shimmer.
I painted two coats on top of the Barry M gelly pomegranate nail varnish which made it really pop.
Once the top coat had dried it had very little shine in fact it was quite dull so i would apply a clear top coat which handily also protected the flecks from chipping off.
The bottle is quite small compared to other brand, it only contains 5ml of varnish but i think its worth it as it creates a quirky speckled egg like nail art design with little effort.

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