Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Beauty Binge #4

OK so we are on the fourth product in the binge bag and no surprises its another nails varnish.
I just cant help myself i think i may have a nail varnish addictions but.. doesn't everyone? 
This is not your standard nail varnish this is Barry M texture effects.. oh that sounded like a marks and Spencer's add. Anyway I usually go to great lengths buffing, polishing and undercoating my nails to ensure my varnish is smooth and evenly spread however with this nail varnish it would be a complete waste of time.
The nail varnish contains a gritty material like fine sand which when applied to your nails leaves a dull textured effect hence the name. The texture looks a bit like the retro chewing gum called golf balls, can you remember them?
You never know maybe that's where Mr Barry Mero got his inspiration... i doubt it!
With the nail varnish containing the grit its sort of like having very light sand paper on your nail, its quite an unusual feeling i must admit.
Barry M have brought out 4 spring/summer colours a pale pink, canary yellow, mint green and the one i purchased called Atlantic Road which is a pastel blue colour at £3.99 per bottle.
Maybe a one to wear this bank holiday weekend?

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