Friday, 24 May 2013

Beauty Binge #6

The final two items in my beauty binge are from the budget brand MUA.
Beauty bloggers all over the country have a gone a bit wild with MUA products so i though i would give them a ago.
As you may already know by now i am a bit of a nail varnish freak so yes this blog is about another nail varnish and effect product.
I opted for natural day nail varnish and matching Fur- effect nails fluffy puff.
The nail varnish cost me £1 and the fluffy puff was £3.
I have read up on these nail varnishes and there has been quite a bit of controversy as the MUA bottle look like another well known and liked brand, Essie.
Yes what MUA may have done is a little naughty but i am sure the quality is completely different  - Well £6 per bottle different.
Due to the price of the MUA products i wasn't expecting great quality, like my mam always says you get what you pay for - So i was putting that theory to test.

Nail Varnish:  The nail varnish bottle in smaller than your average bottle at 6.2ml , with the bottle been little the brush is thin and small which can make applications a tad difficult.
After the first coat of nail varnish i wasn't greatly impresses, I could see the brush strokes which made it really patchy in places however it did dry very quickly and shiny.
The second coat was a little better however still patchy which is why i opted to go for another coat.
After the third coat dried it was patch, brush stroke free and smooth.
My nail lasted only 1 day chip free with out a top coats so would probably last 2-3 days with a top coat.
OK so its not completely amazing but it only a £1 and quite frankly well worth it.
If your a nail varnish freak (like me) or wanting to bulk up you nail varnish collection then this really is the way to do it.
Don't expect Essie quality as you will be disappointed.
Fluffy-Puff:  Yes that's the name of it i haven't just made that up... Anyway i like to get creative with my nails and this is the fureffect way to do it... Alright no more jokes.
For the fur - effect i applied yet another layer of nail varnish to my ring finger, while wet i used the sifter supplied to tap a layer of fluff on to my nail. I pressed the fluff in to my nail to make sure it really stuck in there.
Once the nail varnish dried it left my nail with a fuzzy velvet look and feel.
For a full on fur-effect manicure you could repeat the process on all nails.
This mani lasted around 1- 2 days with the nail been furry it did catch somethings in the fur.
For example i had some really cheesy Doritos's and if you have had them before you will know you get lots of orange flavouring on your finger tips. Well i also got that in my furry nails - Yep grouse.
Have you tried MUA nail varnish? - What do you think?
Much Love,

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