Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Primark Neon Nails

After a recent Primark haul i added these in to my basket on the way to the check out... Damn you catchy alluring queue products. 
I haven't tried any primark cosmetic or nail products before and due to the low prices i thought it worth a whirl.
With neon been every where you look at the moment i opted for the neon selection.
In the box you get four 6ml nail varnishes, they don't have names so i have labelled them by colour below, for £2 so that 50p each.. Bargain.
Obviously due to the price i didn't expect a great deal of quality.
When i opened the bottle it didn't smell like usual nail varnish smell , if that make sense, it smelt plasticy and was quite over powering.
I applied two to three layers of nail varnish on to my nails - the neon pink and orange seem to dry pretty quickly however bizarrely the neon yellow and green seems to take much much longer to dry.
Once dried the neon orange was pretty shiny but the rest where quite dull but one applied a top coat looked great but not for long.
Unfortunately they chipped within 24 hours of applying, so they are more of a one day/night mani.
Yeah 50p a bottle is cheap but i don't think i will be buying any more in the future, Sorry Primark i think you should just stick to what you know.
Oh my ... Nail varnish snob alert!!
Have you tried any primark cosmetics, what are they like?
Much Love,

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