Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Miracle really do happen

OH MY GOD!!....Why haven't i found this product sooner.
While getting my food shopping in at Asda i just so happened to walk down the cosmetic aisle,  oh no how did that happen!
I often spend around half an hour looking down this aisle which my boyfriend hates but i just cant help myself.  Anyway... I got my eyes on the skin rang, i have a thing for creams and beauty potions, that is where i discovered Nspa hot cloth polish my new fav product.
Nspa range comes from the experts at Nirvana Spa one of the UKs top day spa's.
I suffer from dry skin which is a complete pain especially when applying make up so i am always on the hunt for that miracle product to illuminate it. After about 5 year of looking i think i have found it.
The product is enriched with vitamin E, creamy coca butter and almond oil which dissolves the days make up joined and impurities with the help of the muslin cloth.
On a daily basis I massage 1-2 pumps of the thick solution on to my hands and work on my dry face in a small circular motion. Rinse the cloth in hot water, ring it out and gently wipe away the days grime.
immediately after use my skin feels amazing its soft, smooth, clean and moisturised.
I really cant rave on about this product enough and at £7 is a bargain.
Do you have dry sensitive skin and found an product that works for you?
Much love,

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