Sunday, 9 June 2013

MUA Mania

After recently trying out some of the MUA nail varnish's and been pretty impressed i wanted to try more of their range.  On my recent visit to Superdrug i raided the shelves - For a mere £17 look what i was able to get my hands on... Man i love 3 for 2.

Yep, you counted right, i got 7 items of make up for £17 when does that ever happen?

Are your ready for a long blog?...Here goes

1. MUA pro gel eye liner £3.
Wow! New found love alert. 
I have had the Maybelline Eyestudio gel eyeliner in the past which i paid around £7-8 for at the time however the MUA gel liner is half the price and just as good if not better.
The eye liner comes in a range of four colours blue, brown, grey and black, i opted for the black which is called underground.
The gel liner was really easy to apply with the handy little brush supplied which also forms part of the top/lid.
The brush is quite ridged which allowed me to get a smooth sharp fine line.
I applied a very small amount of the gel on to the tip of the brush and with one smooth swooping motion i was able to get it right next to my eye lash line.
The application lasted around 12 hours +.
Great quality for a small price.

2. MUA Intense kisses £2
I think this lip gloss looks so professional , Its high-intensity gloss shimmers while on your lips making them look irresistibly kissable.
MUA intense kisses comes in a wide range of bold colours, i opted for kiss and tell but all the colours are fab for a blond haired girl like me.
The gloss is quite thick which applies evenly with easy, usually with thick lip glosses I find they can be really sticky but this one is sticky free. The only down side really is it doesn't last that long but i am a bit of a chatter box so that maybe that's why.
I will be buying more colours in the near future at that price it will be hard not to.


3. MUA Lip Boom £3
Alexandra Burke teamed up with MUA to create 6 amazing 4 in 1 lipstick/gloss range.
The lip boom consists of a matte lip stick and a shimmer gloss/highlighter which enable you to transform you lips in 4 different ways.
  • Lipstick alone for a matte look
  • Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion.
  • Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super glossy look.
  • Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl / glittery finish.
The colour i bough is called O.M.G which is like a orangy/coral colour, perfect for the summer month. Since getting this cheeky combo i have wore it every day as it suits my pale skin really well.  
The lip stick/gloss is really soft and creamy making it easy to apply and leaves you lips hydrated, not like most lipstick where it drys your lips out. Once applied you can smell a vanilla ice cent which makes it hard not to lick your lips.

4. MUA Mega volume mascara £3
I am not the best at applying fake eyelashes so have to rely on my own natural blond lashes to stand out. Due the that i have become a bit of a collector of mascaras, i love to try out any new one on the market that can give me that fake effect.For my eyelashes i find that a big brush works best to give me the ultimate curly camel lashes. I alway find it disappointing when i open a new mascara to find a small stumpy brush but thankfully mega volume has a bushy thick brush.
When applying i found that the bristly brush was great to parting my lashes making my eye lashes look thick and full.
I always use a curler before applying mascara and MUAs mascara did really do the test of time and was able to keep my lashes curly practically all day. Which is great for me as am a bit of a picker.
The paired with the gel eye liner look just fake lashes - Thank you MUA.

5. MUA undress you skin, skin primer £5
With me having dry patchy skin and a wrinkly for head i using a primer before applying my base foundation.  As of yet i haven't found one that i really think WOW that amazing but my be my expectations are too high.
The last one i bough was Benefits porefessional and at £24.50 for 22ml it ain't cheap. Unfortunately i wasn't sold on on it , don't get me wrong it was nice but did not that wow factor i am after. So when i saw MUA primer at £5 i though it was worth a go but wasn't expectation miracles due to the price.
The MUA primer is a clear like substance in a glass bottle with a pump top. The handy pump top allows you to control the amount you use. I found that two pumps of the primer covered my full face.  I was pleasantly surprised when using it as it soaked in to my skin quickly leaving it velvety soft and noticeably smoother. I feel like it tackled large pores and wrinkles really well and like a said leaving skin noticeably smoother. Wow i have just realised i actually really like this product. The fab thing is you can wear it alone or under foundation to help with that flawless complexion.
MUA have created a few primers that i will defiantly be trying , keep your eyes peeled for future blogs.


 6. MUA Radiant under eye concealer £3
Another product from MUA undress your skin range is the under eye concealer.
I suffer from dark circles under my eyes and at the moment trying out some good old natural remedies to reduce the appearance (see how i get on in up and coming blogs) but until i can see an improvement i am relying on eye concealers.
Believe me i have used a few i really like the YSL Touche Éclat but at £25 i cant always afford to spread that much on concealer, with this been £3 it defiantly affordable.
I twisted the bottom of the pen to release the concealer into the brush and gently apply under my eyes, then blended it by dabbing it with my finger. The concealer has a small shimmer in so when it catches the light it brightens up under your eye.
You can also use the concealer at the sides of your nose and the corner of your mouth to brighten shadows and help lift signs of fatigue.

Its not at the same quality of YSL concealer but i never expected it to be. I think this under eye concealer is great to used for weekday use when at work and maybe keep the YSL for the weekend and special occasions.
7. MUA Nail constellation £3
MUA has brought its own take on the Ciates caviar nails.
Ciate version costs £18 which includes the pearl beads and the nail varnish.
MUAs are sold separately £3 for the beads and £1 for the nail varnish - a total of £4 making it £14 cheaper that Ciat version.
I really like this mani as its really quick and easy to do - The only down side is it doesn't last for that long so maybe its a one night/ day manicure.
Basically all you do it apply your nail varnish as usual, shake the beads over your chosen nail(s) and press in with your finger tip to secure the beads.
Scoop all the excess bead and put them back in to the bottle using the handy applicator which tuns in to a funnel. Genius.
Have you tried any of MUA's range?...What do you think?
Much Love,


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  1. I think the caviar nails manicure looks so cute! I really wish it lasted longer though. I'm a new follower from the blog hop by the way :) I'm looking forward to reading more from you!


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