Saturday, 29 October 2016

Are You Faking it?....

Is it just me or has Primark up their game in the beauty department?!

When i was at Primark , you know doing the monthly (sometimes weekly) buy everything new you see thing, I stumbled across a large selection of false nails. I have to admit I don't usually go near the beauty part of Primark but, sneakily the into Metro Centre branch has had a rejig, making me walk right past the beauty section buying things as i go. Thanks for that Primark.

I have tried a few items from  Primark's beauty range but I have always been less than impress with the products but because its so cheap its worth a try. This time my attention was drawn in to the false nails, no lie there must have been 20-30 different types, my eyes didn't know where to look first. After picking up and checking out about 10 pair i settled on two pairs. One a deep plum colour with pointed shape tip for £1 and the other a pointed shape shiny black nail with a holographic design for £3. (as below)

Primark False Nail Sets

I thought DIY false nails where a thing of the past until recently. A girl I work with came in with a set on and they looked amazing. She's a biter so her nails are usually really short but when she's going out out, to hide her "awful nails" (her words not mine), she whacks on a set. I haven't actually wore false nails in years but she gave me nail envy so I thought I would try them out. Obviously I can only wear one set a time without looking like a complete mad person so i opted for set one, the deep plum (poison) colour, I thought it was fitting with Halloween just around the corner. 

The set came with 24 nails and a bottle of glue. First off I sorted out the false nails to fit my real nails, once I was happy I cut the glue open, managing to get it on three of my fingers sticking two together. Why am i so hopeless? Anyway once I had managed to get my fingers apart I started sticking the nails on. Now i'm no pro but I put the glue on my natural nail and slide the nails on into the right position and applying a little pressure until it drys. Who knows if that's the right way but its seems to work just fine. I repeated the process another 9 times until hey presto I was finishes.


Hmmm yeah, they look witchy don't they?! I have long skinny fingers and well these only make my fingers look even longer.
Ok, let starts with the positives:
1. I love the nail colour, for some reason in the photos they look brown but they were a plum colour.
2. The nails fit my natural nails pretty well.
3. They are strong and durable, so strong in fact it took me ages to remove them.

The negatives:
1. They were far to long for my liking, I felt almost cat claw like, I literally couldn't do anything with then on. Texting was a mission in its self and opening packets or picking thing up was impossible. I suppose this isn't really a negative more like a personal preference really.
2. The nail tips where pretty sharp, I felt like I was going to draw blood when I had an itch.
3. Filing/cutting the nails down even just to remove the sharpness was a no go. Filing removed the colour from the tips making them look chipped.

Overall the nails were strong and durable but just far to long for me to operate in day to day life.
These nails would have been perfect for a vampire or witch halloween costume. I would give these nails a 6/10. I haven't yet tried out the other false nails as of yet hopefully they are a little better, once I do I will link it below.

Whats your thoughts on DIY false nails? Are they a thing of the past?
Whats your tips on applying false nails?


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