Friday, 11 January 2013

Lava Lamp Nail Art Tutorial

Day 6 of 31 day challenge: Purple Nails
I haven't really seen this design about but i think it look... FAB!!
You seen it here first. :)
For this tutorial you will need:
- Base and top coat
- light and dark colour nail varnish
- Glitter nail varnish
- Dotting tool

First off (as always) apply your base coat to protect your natural nails.
Once dry apply 2-3 thin layers of your base colour
I am using Barry M berry ice cream
Allow your base colour to completely dry.
Dollop a large blob of your darker colour on to a paper plate/ scrap paper
(or whatever you can get your hands on)
I am using Barry M vivid purple.
Dip your dotting tool in to nail varnish making you sure you have a generous amount on the end.
Get creative and make lava lamp like blobs on your nails.

Once your nails have completely dried.
Dollop a large amount of glitter nail varnish on to your paper plate.
I am using Models own - Ibiza mix (one of my fave varnishes)
With the same dotting tool apply the glitter on to the lava blobs.

Complete the look with a shiny top coat.
I am using Revlon quick dry top coat.
Your now ready to rock you new look.

*Don't have a dotting tool?.... You can use a blunt pencil ,the end of a hair grip or blunt the end of a tooth pick.

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