Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cling Film Nail Art Tutorial

 Day 5 of 31 day challenge: Blue Nails
Yes you read it right ... Cling film nail art.
OK i admit it sound crazy but the result is fantastic.
I like this quirky two tone marble effect design ,It's very simple to do and doesn't take very long ether... result!
For this tutorial you will need:
- Base and top nail varnish
- Two different colour nail varnishes
- Cling film- Scrunched up in to 10 smallish balls (one for each nail)
Revlon Top and Base coat, Barry M, Cling film.

First of undercoat your nails with you base nail varnish to protect your natural nail.
Take your base colour and apply two thin layers to your nails.
I am using Barry M Navy
Once dry apply your other colour directly over the top of your base colour.
I am using Barry M turquoise.
While your nail varnish is still wet take one of the small balls of cling film and dab on your nails.
It will uplift some of the nail varnish to reveal you base colour - Don't dab to much or all of your colour will be removed.
Just mess around with it to get the look you like :)

Leave to dry.
Apply a top coat and your finished.
How easy was that?
Look out for my next cling film nail art design - Yes there is more :D


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  1. Thats mint! Defo guna try this! :) xxx


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