Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Caviar Nail Art Tutorial

Day 4 of 31 day challenge: Green Nails
Caviar / Fish egg nails look pretty damn cool, which is why they hit the nail scene with a bang.
Ciate brought them out and many copy version's flooded the Internet.
The caviar is very small round beads with out any holes in.
I got my caviar bead from eBay (Fave website) they cost around £2-3 which is a bargain compared to the Ciate version which is around £15 - £20.
Keep your eyes peel for my review on Ciate caviar set.
For this tutorial you will need:
- Base and top coat nail varnish
- Colour Nail varnish
-Nail Glue
- Caviar beads

First off undercoat your nails with your base nail varnish.
Apply two thin layers of your chosen nail varnish
I am using Gosh Ocean.

Apply a think layer of nail glue making sure you don't get any on your skin.
Place your finger(s) on to some paper and pour over the caviar beads on to the wet nail glue.
Allow your glue to dry a little and press down the bead to secure them to your nails.
You can apply the beads to wet nail polish however i don't think it works as good.


 Apply your top coat to the nails that don't have the caviar beads on.
Applying a top coat to the beads makes the beads dull and can also taint the colour of them.

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