Saturday, 19 January 2013

Mod Floral Nail Art Tutorial

Day 14 of 31 day challenge: Flowers
Mod/ Retro nail art flowers are so simple to do but ridiculously fabulous.
For this tutorial you will need:
-Top and base nail varnish
- Base nail colour nail varnish
- Four contrasting colour nail varnishes
- Dotting tool

First off (as always) undercoat your nail with base coat nail varnish.
Once dry apply two thin layers of your base colour
I am using Barry M turquoise
Allow your base colour to completely dry.
Dollop a small amount of your darkest nail varnish on to a paper plate.
With your dotting tool create 5 small dots in a circle allow a small space in between each dot.
I am using Barry M Bright purple

With a lighter coloured nail varnish use the same dotting tool to make 5 dots in between the 5 you have just created. 
I using Barry M Berry Ice Cream.
Use your 3rd nail varnish to create a dot , using the dotting tool, in the centre of your flower.
With your final nail varnish place dots in the gapes of your nails almost like leaves to your flower.

Repeat on each nail.
Apply a generous coat of top coat and your finishes.

* Don't have a dotting tool?... You can use a blunt pencil ,the end of a hair grip or blunt the end of a tooth pick.

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